Earn Money Using Digital Platforms-2021

Today we will talk about earning passive income through WordPress development. Most people have been asking me these questions;

What is the future in Web and WordPress development?

What can one do to earn income from Web development?

What do we have to learn in Web development?

Here is what I will share

- How you can earn approximately $900 per month from web development.

- What you need to learn and how long it will take you to learn the skills required.

- My active and passive income sources.

In this article, we are going to talk about web development and later cover word press development. Web development by itself is a very vast topic. However, we will look at every aspect of it and how we can earn a good passive income from it.

To begin with, we have to learn about HTML and CSS.

What is HTML? How do you work on CSS? One would have to spend between 10–15 days on online courses or YouTube to learn this. This is the first thing that has to be done within the first 15 days. I will have learned about JavaScript and Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a framework by which you can make responsive web design. After learning this, one can start taking its projects, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, online on Fiverr. I can take small projects worth $5-$10 to enhance my skills.

The second step is to learn PHP.

Learning PHP/MySQL will take approximately 30 days. So in 30 days, I will have learned it either online or through offline coaching. You have to learn PHP/MySQL to make your system and have some basics in programming. After the end of these 30 days, our 2 months will be over, and we have learned HTML/CSS and PHP/MySQL.

Now, the next project that I will take will be based on a PHP/Design mix. We will learn WordPress. We will learn about theme, plugin development, the codex of WordPress, and the syntaxes to be used.

To learn this, there are free online learning platforms with adequate documentation at no cost, and there are paid courses as well that one can enroll. In this case, I will advise you to find courses on udemy. If I get any courses, I will recommend them in the description part. You can learn WordPress; it may take 1 to 2 months to learn WordPress, Plugin, and theme development.

After learning all these, I can start taking HTML, CSS, PHP, and WordPress projects.

Let us now focus on WordPress:

WordPress, Plugin, and Theme Development

I will focus on these projects; if I have to do a job, I will work as an intern. Now, let us look at passive income. After learning all these, it would be easy to come up with methods of generating passive income. There is this website named Envato.com; this is where people sell their themes and plugins.

I will visit and study the website focusing on the plugins and themes that are on sale. By the end of week 1 or 2 of studying it, I will have written 30–50 ideas related to my plugins and themes.

With the ideas I will have collected, I will analyze the factors affecting their sales, whether the sales will increase in the future or something else is going to come up. For example, Instagram has released a new API, which I can use to make my plugins.

Therefore, I will have researched what I can create. After that, I will start creating themes and plugins such as the social share plugin, a popular plugin. When we click on the social share plugin, it will share the posts on Facebook and WhatsApp. You can, however, design the social media platforms icons differently. Talking about Instagram, I used its API to make Plugins to the end. So that all Instagram posts automatically update on your homepage. This is a good thing; on Twitter, I made plugins for Twitter feeds. So in this manner, I can create good plugins and release them.

I will now focus on quality and quality as I look into developing many themes and plugins. Since I am going to test my ideas, I will focus on maximum quality and quantity. I should be able to put up 10 plugins, and from them, a good response can be a factor to further develop a plugin.

So my expectancy will be to create a market within 6 months and earn approximately $50 per day as a passive income. I will therefore focus on developing more plugins. Before releasing them, they should be tested on a good and affordable hosting service.

Hostinger is one of the fastest and affordable web services. WordPress optimized, so it is good for your WordPress themes, and your plugins will work well. There are different kinds of plans that you can choose from, like shared plans and cloud plans. Here you will get site builder support, 24/7 live chat support. I am personally using Hostinger, and I love the chat support. If you don’t like their services, they have a 30 days money-back guarantee.

On pricing, it will cost you between $0.74 to $0.82 per month. If you want a better deal, I will provide the link that will allow you to purchase your plan with a coupon code and start expecting passive incomes. Envato Market is such a website. However, there are many other websites like cod ester where you can sell these things.

You will get more ways of selling your services and plugins. So my revenue source will be;

i. From the passive incomes.

ii. From the projects I will undertake. If I want a job, I can apply for high-paying jobs because my portfolio would be strong.

iii. I can open a YouTube channel or blog regarding it. I will have shared my experiences. I would have monetized it differently. So from here, my 3 revenue sources would have been made

To build all this, it may take 6 to 12 months. However, most people can do it within 3 months; my estimation is the average period. If you are doing something else along with this work, then it may take you 1 year to start expecting a good income.

Once you do this, you have more chances of growing. Presently, it is ideal to start learning ML Python. Besides, your machine learning would be strong, and you can go to AI.

You can go in progressive web apps; these are the options available after learning WordPress Development. So what’s the future?

The future in technology is always very dynamic. You will have to adjust according to the market continuously. Therefore, stop this concept of learning one thing and using it for the next 50 years. You will have to keep updating yourself dynamically if you want to earn good and stay relevant in the market.

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